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A very sensitive grader for sweet potatoes

A very sensitive grader for sweet potatoes

Cesena-based Bulltec has supplied the Associated Potato Producers Consortium PPAS in Camigliatello Silano, Cosenza, Italy, with an electronic grader by weight for sweet potato “yam,” consisting of a two-channel conveyor system with 8+1 outputs.

“The grader”-explains Bulltec’s Ruggero Ricci-“divides the product by weight and, thanks to customized software made in-house and entirely by Bulltec, allows each outlet (equipped with a conveyor belt) to automatically fill boxes. Bulltec, producing and fully managing the software, has the ability to create processing customizations at the customer’s request, as in this case, where the customer requested that the first outlet be allocated to tray processing.”

Albino Carli

The word goes to PPAS Consortium director Albino Carli: “The new yam grading and processing plant supplied by the company Bulltec of Cesena, and put into operation in the first week of December 2022, has enabled us to improve processing capacity by 100 percent and, above all, to guarantee an excellent level of precision in grading tubers by weight.”

“The plant, made entirely of stainless steel and equipped with nine outlets, allows great flexibility in work, benefiting internal organization and efficiency; this is because, other things being equal, and with fewer workers employed on the line, we are able to obtain an output of finished product more than doubled compared to before.”

And Carli concludes, “Great attention was paid, both in the design phase and in the implementation phase, to the elimination of all causes that could have caused mechanical damage to the product, with a final quality result that fully met our expectations.”

“The line,” Ricci concludes, “can be customized according to what the customers’ needs are: Bulltec in fact guarantees that it can process with this technology multiple types of vegetables, such as peppers, eggplants, zucchini, cucumbers.”