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The heart of Bulltec is absolutely the design and construction of electronic calibration equipment. The study and research of the Bulltec team has now resulted in a wide selection of electronic sizers depending on the type of vegetables to be processed. In a global context where skilled labor turns out to be less and less available, grading and automation are an efficient solution to this shortage, subject to an ULTRA DELICATE approach on the product.


The electronic grader with belt conveyor system is ideal for grading vegetables with irregular shapes and sizes. On a single grading line, it is also possible to process different types of vegetables such as peppers, zucchini and eggplant, as well as pumpkins and melons. The grader’s conveyor belt can be adjusted according to the minimum and maximum dimensions of the items to be processed. Bulltec’s electronic grader is perfectly suited to the needs of producers who need to grade different types of vegetables in the same working day.


The mechanics of Bulltec sorters are simple, functional and robust. The grader is designed to ensure reliability even under extreme working conditions with water, soil residue, sand or stones. Maintenance is quick and easy, requiring only periodic cleaning and tensioning of the grader’s conveyor belt.


Length, diameter, surface area and color.
Bulltec’s electronic vision system identifies vegetable characteristics by diameter (minimum/maximum) and color, sending and processing data quickly.


Continuous weight detection tape.


The ejection system consists of paddles covered with an ultrasoft rubber cushion, which allow the product to be gently discharged into the various outlets of the sorter. Ejection speed and force can be easily adjusted to best suit various types of vegetables. The simplicity of the ejection system minimizes the possibility of mechanical failure and thus downtime during processing.