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Bulltec has researched and developed a new type of plant to facilitate and optimize the processing of products intended for packaging in guaranteed weight trays/baskets/net. This type of line is the subject of a patent filed by Bulltec in 2022.The plant consists of a series of conveyor belts that feed product onto a battery of weight belts, which go on to establish, through the application of Bulltec software, an optimal combination of a number of pieces. The minimum weight, per package, is thus guaranteed, limiting excesses.

The new Bulltec processing line ensures a high level of delicacy in product handling, this is because there are no drops between belt passes as they all work at the same height.
The end result obtained and verified by the customer by working with the new Bulltec line is an efficiency in the productivity of each operator employed on this processing by 35/40%.
The line can be customized according to what the customers’ needs are.