Electronic sorting machines equipped with an advanced optical system, for potatoes, onions, and other vegetables.

Bulltec manufactures innovative, accurate and versatile electronic sorting machines, with low purchase and operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements.

Analysis. Research.

Our equipment is designed to satisfy the operational needs of our customers. This is the reason why we carry out continuous research on new technologies appearing on the market.

This is the reason why we have chosen simplicity.

Bulltec electronic sorting machines are equipped with an intuitive management software and a very accurate optical sorting system that is capable of fast sorting potatoes, onions and other vegetables, even if they are not regular in shape.

Bulltec mechanical solutions minimize maintenance and limit costs.

Our strengths are our unique quality/price ratio, and installation flexibility we can offer with our machines.

The Bulltec electronic sorting machines are the ideal solution for both small manufacturers and larger structured companies operating in the large retail industry.on un rapporto qualità prezzo unico.

CALIBRA T 2.3, complete with a raised conveyor
to the vibratory channel

Bulltec sorting machines

Designed for your needs of today and tomorrow.


Simple Mechanics

In-feed belt, adjustable pneumatic ejection actuators.


Efficient Sorting

Millimetre precision scanner.


Versatility of use

The same system can be used for handling potatoes, onions, and other vegetables .


Low costs

The combined mechanics and electronics of our machines significantly reduce production costs.


Some details of our sorting machines…