Our goal: make technology that until recently was only for a few accessible to everyone


A young company with years of experience…

“What do my clients need to make their work more efficient?”

I am Ruggero Ricci, the founder of Bulltec.  
My fifteen-year experience as a manager of a company specialising in the manufacturing of vegetable processing equipment plant made me fully understand the real needs and requirements of those who are to buy a sorting machine for potatoes, onions or other vegetables:

  • Efficient and robust mechanics, capable of managing the presence of earth, sand, mud and other debris to minimise faults and allow fast and easy servicing
  • Electronic optical system for fast and accurate sorting
  • Intuitive programming software and versatility of use for various types of vegetables
  • High hourly output
  • Extremely low plant commissioning and operation costs

Bulltec sorting machines are the result of the company continuous search for advanced technological solutions that can meet the requirements of both large companies and small manufacturers.



Potatoes and Onions



The versatility of Bulltec equipment can satisfy the needs of both large and small companies as our sorting machines can be installed alone or added to an existing vegetable processing line.

We produce complete sorting lines for large co-operatives or compact machines for potatoes and onions for smaller companies.

The onion sorting machines are fitted with one or more outputs that can be destined for packing the product inside tubular mesh bags, to obtain the product homogeneity that is required by large-scale distribution.

The flexibility of Bulltec technology is ideal when handling various types of vegetables. In fact, it allows to sort products of different sizes and irregular shapes quickly.


Made together with workers

Our goal? Make technology that until recently was only for a few accessible to everyone.

The electronic sorting machines that are currently available on the market, often have purchase and management costs that are beyond the reach of small and medium-sized companies. This causes them to continue to use obsolete equipment that can no longer meets the new distribution needs of the market.
To offer a solution to this problem, we decided to talk to those who work in this sector every day, we listened to them and got to know and understand their needs.
Bulltec systems are the solutions we offer.

Bulltec’s three pillars


  • An electronic optical system that is capable of fast sorting products, even if they are not regular in shape.


  • An efficient in-feed belt, much more resistant than bowl-based systems, that allows to handle potatoes, onions and other vegetables effectively even if earth, sand or mud residues are present, with no pre-wash needed.


  • An ejection system with speed and force adjustable mechanical actuators that allow each product to be handled with the necessary delicacy. This also permits to run the systems at full load without affecting productivity.


The result is an easy-to-use vegetable sorting system that is exceptionally accurate in sizing potatoes, onions and other horticultural products, with a high hourly output and at an affordable cost.

Also suitable for small-sized companies.


Bulltec, because the future is for everyone



Simple Mechanics



Efficient Sorting



Versatility of use



Low costs