Electronic sorting machines for fennel

Bulltec manufactures innovative, accurate, and versatile electronic sorting machines,
with low purchase and operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements.

Designed for your needs of today and tomorrow.




Electronic bucket sorting machine where the product can be classified by weight or by size.

the transport mechanism, patented by bulltec, guarantees a gentle release of the product because the cup of the grader works by gravity.

In this way, "any type of oricolo" immediately falls "into the tank. With this advantage, we are able to have a “compact” packaging area being able to insert more product calibration outlets.

Finally, this type of mechanics has been designed to last as long as possible in environments where mud, water and acids are mainly the first obstacles to overcome.



• Hourly production of the grader up to 3.5 strokes / sec.,
• Loading of the grader preferably manual,
• Execution of the machine on request, according to the customer's needs.